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New look to old cabinets
Garage Doors and Cabinet Doors
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13 Year Old Palomino Gelding For Sale
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New look to old cabinets

Adding a new look to older style cabinets is one of the things Tom likes to do best. He came up with a pretty good idea to be able to change the look of older cabinets or you could change newer cabinets to look older, depending on your taste.  The new pictures we have here are after he replaced the doors but on some of the smaller drawers and such the owner had not gotten them painted all the way yet. Also you will notice on the top cabinets the owner wanted a shelf so take a look at what idea Tom came up with for that. You will also notice that the owner had a silver vent style hole in front of their sink which they wanted to match the cabinets. It now has a tip out drawer instead of the silver vent.