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New Stairs
New Look To Cabinets
Upstairs Rooms
Residing A 93 Year Old Home
Trimming and Hanging Doors
Sunrise Construction And Remodeling
Residing A 93 Year Old Home

All of the pictures on the left are pictures of the house BEFORE Tom put the new siding on.
     Notice that on the top of the front of this house there is like a plaster type surface on the house before Tom put up the new siding.
      75% of this house Tom resided alone. He did it in over 100 degree temperatures over 80% of the time.I helped some with the siding and the painting and we had a friend of ours help with some of the high things. We want to thank Bob for the help! He was a bit taller then we are so he could reach that tall stuff.....
Painting and all!!

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Look closely: The plaster on the top is gone and was replaced with new siding. The new siding on the house matches the old perfect. Same color, same pattern and everything. We changed the black to gray around the windows and the corners and the basement.  We left the board across the middle of the house there, we only painted it gray. Taking of the old boards, there was dirt behind them by the bucket fulls. Some of it we imagine has been there since the Dust Bowl era!

Well doing most all of the work himself Tom finished the house in 3 and 1/2 months. If you ask him he says " It was too DARN long!!" Take into concideration that he had to drive 180 miles round trip every other day to get there and the hot, hot heat, he did pretty well, I think!