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New Stairs
New Look To Cabinets
Upstairs Rooms
Residing A 93 Year Old Home
Trimming and Hanging Doors
Sunrise Construction And Remodeling

Stairs where No stairs were


Paul and Sue Mickelson asked us to help them come up with a set of stairs to go from the main floor of  their newly purchased log home in Jefferson City. First Tom had to hang sheet rock to make a wall for the stairs. Next he built a main landing to the stairs and then built the stair case to the basement. He then cut a hole through the main floor where a closet use to be.


To help save the clients some money, Tom and I cut and moved the existing main floor beams so they didn't have to buy new ones.


The stairs start to make shape.


Tom added a small quarter round strip of wood to the underside of the steps shortly after this picture was taken. Once the quarter round was in place, the stairs were finished, and it was time for the main door.



The clients plan on making a closet under the stairs at a later date.
Here below you can see the new door Tom placed on the main floor. There use to be a folding closet door. Tom looked until he found a door that matched the interior of their home.